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The corresponding world consumption for oil during

In 2004, the world production of oil was estimated at just over 29. 7 Bbl. The corresponding world consumption for oil during the same period was estimated at 29. 6 Bbl of oil, leaving a surplus of just under 0. 1 Bbl at the end of the year. In the United States, one of largest consumer markets for oil and oil products, from the first week in September 2004 to the first week in September 2005, gasoline prices increased by a staggering $1. 22 per gallon to $3. 12 before dropping to $2. 25 on November 21, 2005. These figures are quite staggering considering that contracts for crude changed hands at 10 USD/barrel in 1999 (Bilgen and Kaygusuz 2004). With the emergence of China in the global market and its increasing demand for oil, it is projected that unless oil companies are able to increase the world production by investing investment in oil and natural-gas production oil prices could increase exponentially over the next ten (10) years. Since oil remains the main energy source in most countries, the demand for oil will remain constant despite the changes in the price of oil (Case, 1999). While theoretically it is expected that there will be a greater demand for oil if the price decreases, it is important to factor in the fact that more governments around the world are implementing energy saving policies as well as trying to reduce to dependence on oil as an energy source by developing alternative sources of energy (hybrid cars, solar power, hydroelectric power) (Simmons, 2005). Given the volatility of oil supply and prices coupled with the harmful effects that fossil fuels have on the environment, it is important to discuss the pros and cons of alternative sources of energy. The most popular and arguably most powerful source of energy today is the sun. Solar energy has been touted as the solution to the world’s energy problems. Being free and efficient, solar energy is a viable replacement for the energy that fossil fuels provide and as a primary source of energy it is renewable (Serra 2006). One drawback, however, is the fact that current technology to harness the sun’s rays is expensive and cannot be availed of by many, especially those in developing countries. On top of this, in order for enough solar energy to be a viable source of alternative energy there has to be an ample supply of it (Serra 2006). This means that a large area which is constantly sunny is the ideal place for the proper utilization of solar energy. There is a lot of promise in this field, however, and soon, as the technology for this improves, solar energy may indeed shed light on the energy problems of the world. Another form of alternative energy that is free and renewable is wind energy. In places that are particularly breezy and have no constant sunlight, harnessing wind energy is a very effective source of clean and renewable energy (Bilgen and Kaygusuz 2004). It has been shown in studies that when the wind is strong it can provide up to 20% of a country’s energy needs (Serra 2006). Aside from the energy that it can provide, it also promises clean and efficient energy as there are no harmful effluents that are produced and it does not require as much space as solar energy. One problem, however, is the fact that wind may not always be constant (Serra 2006). When the wind slows down to a certain speed it also can no longer be harnessed. This being said, life would certainly be a breeze if the world was able to improve the harnessing of wind energy. To water-down the need for fossil fuels, the world can also resort to hydroelectric energy. Using the natural flow of water and gravity, hydroelectric energy is one of the most widely used alternative energy sources in the world (Bilgen and Kaygusuz 2004). With the amount of energy that can be produced, hydroelectric energy produces no waste material and no pollution (Serra 2006). The downside to this form of energy, however, is the fact that the construction and maintenance for hydroelectric power dams is expensive. While there are developments in micro hydro technology, hydroelectric dams can also displace several communities, destroy forest resources and kill other fishes and aquatic life in the area (Serra 2006). This means that while hydroelectric power is certainly a very viable solution to the energy problems of the world there must be several things that should be sorted out and improved for it to be useful as the world’s main energy source. Another alternative energy source that is making waves is the energy that can be harnessed from tidal energy. Similar in function to hydroelectric energy, this type of energy uses turbines that harness the rise and fall of the tides. The natural flow of the oceans currents is harnessed in order to produce energy (Serra 2006). However, due to the peculiarity of the energy source, it cannot be located just anywhere. There are very few sites that are feasible for the location of tidal energy plants and it also poses a threat to local fishing and fisheries (Bilgen and Kaygusuz 2004). Also because tides only occur at certain times of the day it is not as efficient as the other energy types. One of the largest growing sources of alternative energy is biomass. Since this form of alternative energy has a two-fold advantage, reduction of waste and generation of energy, it seems to be the best solution to the world’s energy problems Bilgen and Kaygusuz 2004). Taking animal waste, agricultural crops, grains, wood, mill residues, forest, and aquatics, biomass plants ferment these wastes to generate gases that are then burned to create energy Bilgen and Kaygusuz 2004). The obvious downside to this, however, is that there are harmful effluents that are released. While it indeed captures the gases that are produced, it also releases energy from the burning. The Life in the lap of luxury is indeed a very convenient life but as it is it will be a lifestyle that will be nearly impossible to sustain. It is wonderful to take advantage of all of the technological advancements that are available today but one must always ask whether or not the tradeoff is worth, a moment of pleasure that could be disastrous for this generation and the next. References Serra, J. â€Å"Alternative Fuel Resource Development†, Clean and Green Fuels Fund, (2006). Bilgen, S. and K. Kaygusuz (2004), Renewable Energy for a Clean and Sustainable Future, Energy Sources 26, 1119. Jeff Tester and Ron DiPippo (2007-06-07). â€Å"The Future of Geothermal Energy† (PDF). US Department of Energy – Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. http://www1. eere. energy. gov/geothermal/pdfs/structure_outcome. pdf. Retrieved on 2008-04-16.

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Causes And Consequences Of The Great Depression - 2847 Words

Essay Description: In this essay I will be discussing the statement of do our perspectives of events and people change over time in relation to the Great Depression in Australia. This essay covers the causes, consequences and what the media, historians and people thought. My personal opinion is also included. The Great depression of was a period of economic crisis and business lows throughout the world . It roughly began with the stock market crash of 1929 and spiraled out of control from then onward throughout 1930. Poverty, unemployment, bank failures, social impacts and political consequences were a few of the many downfalls to the depression. But the Great depression was not all doom and gloom as we are discovering. It was also a period of joy and pleasure where people felt as though they had a purpose. As we get further away from that time our perspectives are starting to change as we uncover more information. It’s not what it first seems. There are many various causes of the Great Depression but historians believe the greatest contributor was the stock market crash of 1929 . On Black Tuesday October 29 stockholders lost more than 40 billion dollars , everyone panicked and sold their shares all at once leading to a massive collapse. This affected everyone all around the world. With the stock market crashing, people feared further economic woes so they stopped purchasing goods. As you could predict the reduction in items produced led to a reduction in the workforceShow MoreRelatedObesity Is A Serious Epidemic Disease865 Words   |  4 PagesObesity also known as overweight is a serious epidemic disease that can cause harm to the systems of the body including the heart. Parent. Obesity is the biggest threat to humanity in the United State of America and something has to be done weatherwise our future generation is at stake. Main point: Health. National consequence. depression Parents,Obesity in United State is affecting health, national consequence and depression to the victims, if something is not done fast to alter this misfortuneRead MoreCauses Of The Great Depression1319 Words   |  6 Pageshaving classic satisfying life concluded when the Great Depression ushered in the negative trend that would impact the U.S. economy in 1929. Therefore, what happened? In this essay, we will discuss what the Great Depression was for the Americans, the causes of the Great Depression, and the U.S.’s recovery from the Great Depression. The Great Depression One of the terrifying times in the U.S. history is the Great Depression. The Great Depression is an economic phenomenon, which according to theRead MoreExplaining the Cause of World War Two Essay1078 Words   |  5 PagesExplaining the Cause of World War Two This statement is totally correct in that no one factor alone can sufficiently explain how the conditions needed for world war two were created. There are a great range of factors which we need to identify and show how they all link together or overlap. All these causes reinforce each other and can be split into short, medium or long term causes. These key causes are; the failure of the league, consequences of the treaty of VersaillesRead MoreWall Street : The Great And Powerful Financial District Of The World1407 Words   |  6 Pages Wall Street is the great and powerful financial district of the world. With that statement being true Wall Street isn’t perfect. Wall Street has faced many problems throughout its existence as recessions and depressions came into play and single handedly pushed America into a financial crisis. As early as 1929 till as recent as 2008 recessions still occur and throughout the existence of Wall Street they will never stop existing. The argument of whether or not a recession could be predicted is aRead MoreThe Consequences Of The Great Depression875 Words   |  4 PagesInvestigation(127) Analyze the consequences of the great depression in France. For this paper, to identify the consequences of the great depression in France I will have to obtain a variety of sources that explain how they got involved. Using these sources I will be able to figure out who was mainly damaged and how they try to resolve issues. I will also be able to identify who else was involved that may have caused things get worse. Information of France before and after the great depression will also be helpfulRead MoreThe Causes of Canadas Great Depression of 1929-1939 Essay1679 Words   |  7 Pagesclosest to him heard. â€Å"It’s all gone.†# The term ‘Great Depression’ according to Kristin Brennan evokes black-and-white images of thin men in threadbare suits and worn-out shoes selling five-cent apples on city streets, of â€Å"grim-faced women lined up three deep to collect bread and milk at relief stations.†# The Great Depression of the 1930s was a devastating time toward many Canadians, where the collapse of the sto ck market was the beginning of the Depression, a period of severe economic and social hardshipRead MoreExploring Causes of The Great Depression Essay522 Words   |  3 PagesExploring Causes of The Great Depression Introduction The Wall Street crash of 29 Oct 1929 and the Great Depression that followed were such a shock to most Americans that some early attempts to explain their causes blamed sunspot activity or medieval prophecy. A few held it to be divine retribution on a people who had indulged themselves in a decade of hedonism after World War I and were due for a sobering experience. Others recognized that the 1920s had brought Read MoreThe Great Depression and Unemployment: Discussion Questions1271 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Principles of Macroeconomics 1 ________________________________________________________________________ Q. 2: The Great Depression The Great Depression started in 1930 and lasted until 1939. It can be regarded as the worst depression the world has ever seen in the history. Spread across various nations, the Great Depression badly hampered each and every aspect of the economic, business, political, and social life. The most affected regions due to this economic slump were North America, EuropeRead MoreTheme Of Racism In The Kite Runner788 Words   |  4 Pagesare able to prosper throughout their whole life without any consequences, their actions are can be devastating to others. This can be seen in the creation of thehis character, Assef. Throughout Assef’s life, readers are able to see him transition from a young bully to a grown man that uses racist thoughts to fuel his thirst for his misdeeds. When Assef is allowed to continue with his racial fueled actions without any consequences, he causes severe mental issues to many of his victims. Not only doesRead MoreWas the Treaty of Versailles the Major Cause of World War Two? 1034 Words   |  4 Pagesconflict in the history of mankind. It crimpled many nations and caused millions of people to die. One of the major causes of this disastrous war was the Treaty of Versailles which ended the First World War. This treaty was destructive towards the Germans. Germany had to pay large amounts of reparations to the Allied nations at the end of World War One resulting in a Great Depression in Germany. Additionally, the Treaty of Versailles’ war guilt clause forced Germans to admit full responsibility for

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Negative Effects Of Texting And Cell Phones - 894 Words

Texting and cell phones have, of all age groups, likely affected kids the most. In one way, it has made young kids more socially awkward. These kids are being raised having more communication on social media portals and by texting much more often than face to face interaction. This problem will only get worse as we progress into the future. Children that are raised being able to front their problems and meet new people by using a phone will greatly lack the ability to deal with problems face to face with another. Let alone hold a real life conversation with a new person. Kids are also affected with school work due to texting and cell phones. Many kids who are introduced to this type of technology at an early age allow it to affect their†¦show more content†¦For most adults, technology has taken much person to person (face to face) communication out of their lives. Many jobs held by adults are desk jobs and other professions that require looking at a screen for most of their work day. They most likely email and text much more during this time than they actually talk to other people face to face. This becomes more normal for them day after day until eventually for an adult to have little to none personal conversations becomes the new normal for them. This can cause many mental problems and is not healthy for you, mentally, by any means. As it is with children, adults are also having their attention spans affected by technology. Adult brains are not near as susceptible to this issue as childrens, however it is still an imminent issue. â€Å"A recent study by Microsoft Corporation has found this digital lifestyle has made it difficult for us to stay focused, with the human attention span shortening from 12 seconds to eight seconds in more than a decade† (Borreli). Science says a goldfish has the attention span of 9 seconds, therefore we now have a lower average attention span that a gold fish. According to science that is. Another way technology ha s affected adults is the effect it has taken on their productivity. It is almost impossible to find a job in this era that does not include any technological use. â€Å"The most recent survey data from Pew Research in late 2013 shows that 94% of jobholders areShow MoreRelatedMobile Phones And Its Impact On The Way1559 Words   |  7 Pagesperson attached to their cell phone texting. This day and age sending a text is the quickest and most efficient form of communication. The Berkman Center for Internet Society at Harvard University found that (78%) of teens now have a cell phone and almost half (47%) of those teens have smartphones. That translates into (37%) of all teens who have cellphones, up from just (23%) in 2011(Madden). Today, people tend to use their phones to text more than they do to make phones calls, and this can serveRead MoreEffect of Texting on Teens1686 Words   |  7 PagesWhat is the Effect of Texting on Teenagers? Cell phones are becoming a modern day necessity, to the point that they are a must have for every teenager and adult.   Human beings are growing increasingly attached to these devices, depending on them more and more for their communication with other people, job duties, and other daily activities that they must accomplish. One way that we are taking advantage of cell phone technology at a rapidly growing rate is through the use of text messaging.Read MoreEffect of Texting on Teens1686 Words   |  7 PagesWhat is the Effect of Texting on Teenagers? Cell phones are becoming a modern day necessity, to the point that they are a must have for every teenager and adult.   Human beings are growing increasingly attached to these devices, depending on them more and more for their communication with other people, job duties, and other daily activities that they must accomplish. One way that we are taking advantage of cell phone technology at a rapidly growing rate is through the use of text messaging.Read MoreCell Phones : Good And Bad891 Words   |  4 PagesCell phones could be both good and bad. Some people say that cell phones are dangerous. While, other people would argue that cell phones are a great invention. With every invention comes positives and negatives. Some of the advantages that cell phones provide is that testing is a fast and easy way of communication, texting and have social media all on your phone can always keep you updated and social with your friends, and people always have all of their personal information at one touch and carriesRead MoreThe Effects Of Texting On The Social Communication1197 Words   |  5 Pageswe see both positive and negative effects influencing people of all ages. One of the major concerns about cell phone use is the impact texting has on the social communication of the world’s youths. In a quest to u ncover the effects of texting, I will discuss to what degree texting is detrimental to the social communication between people in our society from my perspective, the positive aspects that are associated with the invention and evolution of texting, the negative consequences with regardRead MoreTechnology: The Invention of The Cell Phone Essay1431 Words   |  6 Pagesdevice, the cell phone. A cellular phone is the most common type of technology used by all groups of people including parents, teenagers, and even young children. The number of people who own a cell phone also continues to increase, causing a huge distraction on society. Cell phones seem to own a person as they depend on their phone for almost everything. Though the cell phone was invented for beneficial purposes, people have completely misused this device which has caused negative effects in theirRead MoreA Life Threatening Habit : Using Drugs And Alcohol1665 Words   |  7 PagesEnglish II 9 May 2016 A Life Threatening Habit Using a cell phone may be equivalent to using drugs and alcohol. Addiction to cell phones is a worldwide problem. There are many negative effects that teenagers do not know and that will cause harm in long term usage. For some, using their cell phone is a way out of reality and an escape from the outer lives. Social media is becoming more popular every year which is attracting younger kids. The cell phone is a trap to the next generation and will create problemsRead MoreThe Effect Of Cell Phones On Teenager s Lives843 Words   |  4 PagesThe Effect of Cell Phones in Teenager’s Lives iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6XL, Droid, Blackberry. The list of different cell phones that are in the possession of the teenage population across the world, is endless. The use of a cell phone especially in the teenage years, is almost like an addiction. This is mostly because of the endless possibilities having to do with a cell phone. Today cell phones are basically mobile computers at your fingertips. Within a second the Internet can be searched forRead MoreThe Effects Of Cell Phones On Our Lives1053 Words   |  5 Pagesour everyday lives. The wide use of cell phones has caused a remarkable impact on physical, and social aspects of our life. Cell phones impacts have contributed positively to our lives, but still others have influenced negatively on our life. With technology, the way we communicate has changed over the past year with our smart phones we can surf the internet, check our social media accounts, use GPS, and text and call our families and friends. The cell phones have made a significant impact on theRead MoreCell Phones have become a Part of Everyday Life1002 Words   |  4 PagesIssue Statement. Cell phones have become an everyday part of life. The cell phones original purpose was for mobile verbal communication. Today, there are multiple purposes for cell phones which are verbal communication, email, social media, apps, and text messaging. Verbal communication no longer is the only way to communicate anymore rather text messaging today has become the preferred form of communication among college-aged youth and young adults. Although text messaging has become the most preferred

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Analysis Of William Golding s Lord Of The Flies

Deven Patel English 1, Period 4 22 September 2014 Society s defects stem from the defects inherent in human nature. William Golding wrote this after publishing Lord of the Flies. It is our world, in the form of a story. The two leaders in the story are Ralph and Jack. Ralph starts off a comfortable leader of the boys, but by the end of the book, Ralph and his companion Piggy are alone facing Jack and the rest of the boys. As the novel progresses and the society on the island starts to change, so does Ralph. He begins thinking he has all the answers, but comes to realize that without Piggy he would have never gotten this far. By the end of the book, Ralph and Jack are complete opposites. Jack is about savagery and fun while Ralph is holding on to society, rules, and civilization. Appearing to be a weak leader due to defection of his followers, Ralph is actually dedicated and insightful, only loosing his followers because he could not compete with one category that attracts nearly everyone in the world: fun. When first introduced, Ra lph is not interested in Piggy, who was not popular because he was fat. â€Å"He tried to be offhand and not too obviously uninterested, but the fat boy hurried after him.†(7) Ralph wanted to be a leader and everything he does speaks to this desire whether that be putting down Piggy or standing up to Jack. But, Piggy while not popular, had great ideas. When the other boys are attracted to the sound of the conch, Ralph acts like it was his ideaShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of William Golding s Lord Of The Flies 1814 Words   |  8 Pagespresented, Lord of the Flies written by William Golding, this change in people particularly through aggressive and violent behavior is ever-present throughout the text. The causes of aggression and or violent behavior in this case are a subject that is widely debated with different theories of causation supporting each side. Two of these sides presented can be seen in the articles †A Bully’s Future, From Hard Life to Hard Time† written by Jane Brody, and â€Å"To Study Aggression, a Fight Club for Flies† writtenRead MoreAnalysis Of William Golding s Lord Of The Flies1006 Words   |  5 Pages Frangipane Study of Genre English 9 Block F 25 February 2016 The Power of Power A recurring theme among leaders in many societies today is that â€Å"absolute power corrupts absolutely† (John Acton, a 1700’s English Catholic historian, politician, and writer). In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, this idea of leadership, power, and corruption is put in the spotlight. Jack, one of the boys on the island, forces his way into the leadership position without actually earning it. It is clear that JackRead MoreAnalysis Of William Golding s Lord Of The Flies Essay2545 Words   |  11 Pages Honors English 9A-Period 5 November 18, 2016 The Corruption of Power Abraham Lincoln said, â€Å"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man s character, give him power.† Power can destroy traces of civilization or bring forth civilization; it can be both a good or bad thing. In William Golding’s The Lord of the Flies, the entire island is power hungry and it is fueled by it. Leaving the boys alone on an island, without any grownups, left all the power and control in the boys’Read MoreWilliam Golding s Lord Of The Flies1389 Words   |  6 PagesA response to Lord Of The Flies Imagine an airplane crash. The heat of flames scorch passengers’ backs in addition to the wind burning their faces. Lucky, this crash was over water and near an island so most passengers survive, with an exception of the airplane staff and the pilot. Even though alive, many are in fits of fear and panic, and others are in shock. After hurried deliberation, a lone member of the group is elected leader in hopes that they will calm the panic, and make the hard, but necessaryRead MoreSocietal Breakdown On The Island1720 Words   |  7 PagesSocietal breakdown on the island in ‘Lord of the Flies’ is due to the inherent evil of man 3.8: Develop an informed understanding of literature and/or language using critical texts. Hypothesis: Societal breakdown on the island is due to the inherent evil of man Jason Carvalho ‘Lord of the Flies’ is the name of William Golding’s historically famous novel, yet it is more than just a title. It is a kind of statement, a way of mocking the very existences of humanity. Reading this book I cameRead MoreLord of The Flies Essay1673 Words   |  7 PagesLord of the Flies was published in 1954 by William Golding. Today Lord of the Flies is a well known literary criticism. Many schools require their students to read Lord of the Flies because of the literary criticisms in the book. In this paper three themes or literary criticisms are talked about: good vs. evil, symbolism of characters, and maturity of characters. Another topic in Goldings Lord of the Flies is the battle of good vs. evil. Everything seems to start out just fine on the island; theRead MoreLord Of The Flies By William Golding1152 Words   |  5 PagesJonathan Vautour Mrs. Fils World Literature 3 November 2015 Simon: Lord of the Flies The book â€Å"Lord of the flies† is story of a group of boys who were marooned on an island and forced to survive and the effect on their moral stability. In the beginning the reader is introduced to the character Simon. He was a skinny vivid little boy whose hair, black as night and coarse, hung down straight over his face (Oldsey and Weintraub 182-183). Golding’s writing style and background can be seen by how he decidedRead MoreWilliam Golding And Lord Of The Flies Analysis1031 Words   |  5 PagesWilliam Golding fulfills Hobbes’ ideas about man with Lord of the Flies in the moments when Jack and Ralph argue over whether to hunt for meat or build shelters, when Simon is killed by the boys, and when Samneric betray Ralph and join Jack’s tribe. An early example in the novel where Golding supports Hobbes’ ideas about man is when Jack and Ralph argue over whether to hunt for meat or build shelters. Hobbes discusses the competition between men with the same desires as he writes, â€Å"And thereforeRead MoreAnalysis Of The Lord Of The Flies 889 Words   |  4 PagesRandall English-4 15 April 2016 LOTF Literary Analysis Stranded on an island, a group of boys have the choice to be civil or savage. In Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, British schoolboys are marooned on an island. They voted Ralph to be the leader in an effort to remake the culture that they had left behind, accompanied by the intelligent Piggy as counselor. But Jack wants to be the leader too, and he individually lures all of the boys away from civility to the brutal survivalism of huntersRead MoreLord Of The Flies By William Golding821 Words   |  4 Pageseven to show leadership? Well if you haven’t, then for sure you will be amazed! In the novel Lord of the Flies, the author William Golding specifically focuses on how a group of children ends up on an unknown island without rules and order in which they become savages and nearly act similarly to animals in one way or another. One symbol in this novel is the conch shell. The conch shell in Lord of the Flies represents leadership and civilization, in which allows Ralph , the leader of the group, to call

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Great Beginnings free essay sample

One of the characteristics of Modernism is the revolt against a moraly corrupt world. Most of this comes from Cheating, fighting, and racsism. Most of this comes from Tom he is Cheating on Daisy, he fights with Murtle, and is racist. All they care about is money. also jordian is always fighting to get on top. -marybailey One of the charactoristics of the modern era that really pops up to me in The Great Gatsby is revolt against the spirituality corrupt modern world because, in the Gold Coast the people that live there are filthy rich and believe that their flawless. In fact, Jordan Baker, she believes that her life is flawless and that there is nothing corrupt about the world that surrounds her. Also, Tom believes that his family is perfect and that there is nothing wrong with his family at home because he believes that when he punches or cheats on women that there is nothing wrong or corrupt about those actions. We will write a custom essay sample on Great Beginnings or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page -Morgan English in the book the great gatsby one characteristic that really comes to me is the revolt against a morally corrupt world. most every body lives a life of cheating and sin. for example tom is a hibitual womenizer and racist. ordyn is very self endulged and dose what ever she can to come out on top. myrtle is who has an affair with tom. -jimmy schmidt One of the characteristics of Modernism is the rejection of traditional themes, subjects, and forms. This is shown numerous times throughout the book in my opinion. Im not entirely sure about the the 1920s, but I dont think that topics like men and women cheating on their spouses, racism, and men hitting women were very commonly talked about. One of the greatest examples of this is the character Tom Buchanan. He is morally inept in my opinion. In the beginning of the book he talks very openly about his racial beliefs stating that the dominant, or white race is in danger of being taken over by the colored people of the country. Tom shows a very firm belief in this which is sickening on several levels. Mr. Buchanan isnt only a racist, however. He also cheats on his wife, Daisy and even brags about it to Nick in the first few chapters. Not only is Tom unfaithful, he also shows in the book that he is very willing to beat women. Early on while Tom brings Nick to meet his mistress, Myrtle, Tom ends up punching Mrtyle in the face, breaking her nose. Im sure there are many other examples of this characteristic in the book, but these are the most notable that Ive seen so far. -Bryan Sanders One of the characteristics of Modernism is the revolt against a moraly corrupt world. Most of this comes from Cheating, fighting, and racsism. Most of this comes from Tom he is Cheating on Daisy, he fights with Murtle, and is racsist. Jordon also because she will do anything to win or be on top. ~ Matt Johnson Characteristics of Modernism in the book is going against the traditional world that was. To show such a revolt is looking at Tom. Tom is racist, he has an affair, likes to fight. He speaks openly about is position on the white and colored, saying that whites need to do something or the colored are going to take over America. We find that he is having an affair with a woman named Myrtle against his Daisy his wife. He even hits Myrtle and no one stood against him, and got into a heated argument with Gatsby in front of others. -Mariah Brannan- Rejection of idea of the hero as infallible in favor of hero who is flawed and disillusioned but show grace under pressure. This modern Era best fit to great Gatsby because he is hero of this story he sacrifice for his love and her mistakes. He promises to daisy that his forever for her there no space in his heart for any other girl. Krunal Patel The first thing that comes to my mind is revolting agianst the moral world. Or being corrupt. Corruptness. The real exaple of this is Tom cheating, he cheats at his wife with a girl from the city. Myrtle. She is not nearly as rich as Tom or Daisy. Which brings it into something else Gatsbys dream is to get Daisy, he is madly in love with her and wants her for him self. He sets his whole life up so that he can live close to her and maybe she can walk into one of his parties. When Daisy kills Myrtle, runs her over and Gatsby takes the blame etc. is allso a big example of corruptness and revolt against the moral world. Ivar Lundby The entire novel represents a major characteristic of modernism; in that the main message of the novel is a revolt against the corrupt world of the early 1920s. In the novel, the backlash against society is staged through a few things; Nicks inner monologue, and his actions in the resolution of the story. Nicks inner monologue really provides some biting commentary about the morally deficient characters in the book. The resolution also speaks out against the unethical nature of the whole of society in the 1920s as well. The simple act of moving away is a clear indication of that comment towards american society. All in all, a moral revolution against the modern world is an integral part of The Great Gatsby -Mason Webb In The Great Gatsby there are many societal commentaries that are deeply rooted within the elements of the plot. For example, The novel makes a strong rejection of sentimentality and artificiality. In the novel, the dreams and memories of the main character, Jay Gatsby, are crushed. He loved and cherished Daisy Buchanan; he even became wealthy and baught a mansion near her to satisfy her. Despite his efforts, he is rejected in favor of the more aristocratic man, Tom. His sentimentality was all for naught, because she was so artificial. All in all, this work of literature makes strong statements on sentimentality and artificiality. -Mason Webb One characteristic that lives in The Great Gatsby is the revolt against the spiritualy corrupt world. Nick always seems to try and do the right thing. When he figures out Tom is cheeting on Daisy he doesnt seem ok with it. Even though he ends up being drug into Gatsbys fishing for Daisy he still tryes to do the right thing. -Misty Waters I think that a main characteristic for The Great Gatsby is rejection of traditional themes, subjects, and forms. This is because many of the characters in the book are highly rich and only care about their money and some few other people. Traditional themes are based on the American Dream and in the great gatsby, it kind of follows this by being happy and rich and living in America. But also it doesnt follow it because not everyone in the 1920s was rich, just the ones that where either born into the money or have worked and saved up for their money like Gatsby. Even though these people are rich and happy, their lives dont always end in happiness, because they are never really satisfied with what they have. Tom always has his girls, like Myrtle one time while hes not with Daisy and Daisy when he isnt with Myrtle. Both Tom and Gatsby have this rejection to ignore reality and live in their own ritzy fantasy. Taylor Hunt think a main characteristic for the book is how the ammerican dream is veiwed in differnt ways. the book shows how tom has a wife and someone on the side and he thinks he has a grate life when we say that it imoral. the book is all about the diff. veiws and the veiws of there life. -kalie tynsky One of the most characteristics of this story is the lack of faith in the American Dream. People are out drinking and partying not care about anything anym ore. The corruption of people and cheating on there wifes or husbands. -Ethan Arnold

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Samsung company analysis

Introduction Well established modern business organizations have increasingly been seeking to expand their operations beyond the boundaries of their mother countries. Consequently, at the international level we have a new kind of business known as international business.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on Samsung company analysis specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Business organizations particularly from world’s major economies and the emerging Asian economies offering goods and services in different commercial sectors or industries are striving to establish a high profile presence in the international markets in an attempt to improve their profitability and remain competitive in an era of accelerated globalization. Some of them are part and parcel of the business organizations known as multinational corporations (MNCs) or multinational enterprises (MNEs) which have operational branches in many stable nati ons world over. There are various reasons that motivate a company’s desire to expand to the international or foreign markets. Kurtz have identified four main reasons that usually motivates companies or business organizations seek to expand to international markets namely the desire to use current resources and access to new resources, seeking to expand or develop new markets, competitive rivalry and controlling core competences and learning (215). These authors point out that companies search for economies of scale in the use of their existing resources by expanding in to new foreign markets. At times they enter international markets in order to reach certain valuable resources like raw materials, specialized knowledge or cheap labour. As companies become well established in the domestic markets they begin searching for international markets in order to increase their revenue and gain more profits, enhance their competition with major rivals and influence further development of their core competencies Kurtz (215).The aim of this task is to analyze Samsung company in UAE. Doing Business in UAE United Arabs Emirates (UAE) is situated southeast of Arabian Peninsula in southwest Asia on the Persian Gulf. It borders Oman and Saudi Arabia and shares sea borders with Iran, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq and Kuwait Communicaid (1).Advertising Looking for assessment on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It’s a federation of Emirates ruled by Emirs and hence termed as the United Arabs Emirates Communicaid (1). According to Mina cited in Greenaway, UAE is a major player in world trade and that it has been the most significant Middle East trade partner for the European Union,US,Canada and Japan (61). UAE’s religious and historical influences combined with a progressive attitude and broad economic opportunities make UAE a most fascinating and unique place to do business Communicaid (1).Co mmunicaid observes that a proper understanding of UAE’s unique culture is vital for those wishing to profitably do business in the Emirates (1). Samsung’s International business strategies Samsung Company originates from South Korea. The Samsung Group of companies is made up of many international associated businesses like Samsung Electronics, Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Engineering, Samsung C T, and Samsung Life Insurance among others which are united under the popular Samsung brand. Samsung began to rise as an international corporation in the 1990s.It is during this same period that Samsung changed its strategy from an emulating cost leader to a differentiator. Rowley and Paik notes that Samsung sold off ten subsidiaries downscale and amalgamated operations so as to concentrate on three sectors in order to form the group’s core namely Samsung Electronics, Samsung Heavy Industries, and Samsung Engineering and construction (11). Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest technology company in terms of sales volume. In fact, Samsung brand is particularly popular because of its consumer electronics brand. For example, Giudice, Peruta and Carayannis points out that â€Å"Samsung has been the world’s most popular consumer electronics brand since 2005 and is the best known South Korean brand in the world.† (P.66). Samsung’s electronic products from mobile phones to smart TVs are popular in the UAE markets. Even though there are numerous advantages that accrue from a company’s expansion into international markets, proper international business strategies must be put in place by the management in order to reap the benefits of economies of scale. As Samsung approached foreign markets against a background of the popular Asian money crisis in the 1990s, the firm underwent important strategic changes in order to stand a chance of succeeding in international business as well as domestic business Mathur (269).Ad vertising We will write a custom assessment sample on Samsung company analysis specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The firm shifted from being a company driven by technology that was largely imported into a firm that was driven by the market. In its international business, Samsung has successfully embraced a market driven strategy that is receptive to change Mathur (269). According to Mathur (269), Samsung’s international business strategies have been guided by the firms endeavors to value creation and profitability, the need to become differentiable and one offering distinct value for money to its customers (269). Its international business strategies have also included innovativeness for creating products and finding new foreign marketplaces, a better understanding of its market places and extensive use of RD to develop new products for its customers whose taste and preference is constantly changing. These strategies accord ing to Mathur enabled Samsung to become a recognized international brand by the 2001 (269).Samsung’s major competence has been its leadership in digital technology, digital displays and digital wireless since 1980s Mathur (269). Samsung adapts its products for its different foreign markets. Kurtz argues that the main key to success in international markets lies in a company’s ability to adapt its products to local inclinations and culture (216).For example, in order to satisfy its China’s large and different population Samsung provides different models and price ranges on its electrical devices and electronics Kurtz (216). Samsung marketers according to Kurtz understands that people who live in the hot and humid climate of Guangdong province require bigger refrigerators than those who reside in the northern parts of China (216).Samsung thus adapts its products to suit the preferences and ways of life for specific markets. Even though Samsung has been the most po pular consumer electronics in the world since 2005, it is bound to encounter stiff competition from other key players like Nokia in UAE electronics markets. According to Giudice, Peruta and Carayannis Nokia has been a first mover for long.Advertising Looking for assessment on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More For example, by 2003 Nokia was importing more than five million devices while Samsung was shipping only a few hundreds. In addition, Nokia has been among the forerunners to venture in creation of smart phones and go the directions of foreign markets requiring low cost phones like China and India Giudice, Peruta and Carayannis (66).Samsung has to put on these competitive elements in order to trade profitably in UAE. Difference between vision and mission in formulation of business strategies Many people assume that business vision and mission are one and the same thing and even uses the two terms interchangeably. There is however a clear distinction between these two things in a business context. However, the two are integral parts of a business strategy. According to Stark, a business mission is the unique undertaking or reason for which a company is intended or destined (130). A business mission clearly describes the purpose of the company. He argues that there is a big difference b etween a strategy and a mission. On one hand a mission describes a company’s purpose while on the other hand a strategy describes the way to achieve goals of a company (130). In a nut shell, a business mission identifies a desired destiny while a strategy describes how the company will reach that destiny. For example, Samsung’s mission can be to provide the most superior affordable products for all people in different stations in life while its strategy for realizing that can be through innovation, economical and proper use of resources and skills. Stark observes that a vision in a business context is a mental image of something in future. So that a business vision describes the desired future state of a company thus it is also different from a strategy that describes the way a company like Samsung will achieve its objectives Stark (130). Conclusion To sum up, business strategies are to a large extent universal in nature and even application especially in market econom ies. What make them different are essentially the diverse business environments of various world economies. So that what makes a firm’s international business strategy different from its national or domestic strategy is of course diversity in business environments. Therefore, the most important question that is supposed to bother a firm like Samsung is not whether the market is foreign or domestic but whether there are differences in business environments of its target markets. If there are no differences then its domestic business strategy need not to be changed in order to succeed in a foreign market but if the business environments are different, new international business strategies must be designed or its domestic business strategies must be adapted to suit its target foreign market so as to reap benefits of expanding into international markets. Works Cited Communicaid. Doing Business in the UAE | UAE Social and Business Culture. 5th May 2011. G iudice, Manlio, Peruta, David and Carayannis, Elias. Knowledge and the Family Business: The Governance and Management of Family Firms in the New Knowledge Economy. New York, NY: Springer, 2010. Print. Greenaway, Daniel. The World Economy: Global Trade Policy 2008. London: John Wiley and Sons, 2009.Print. Kurtz, David. Contemporary Marketing. New York: Cengage Learning, 2009. Print. Mathur, Charles. Global Business Strategies. New, Delhi: I. K. International Pvt Ltd, 2011.Print. Rowley, Chris and Paik, Y. The changing face of Korean management. London: Taylor Francis, 2009. Print. This assessment on Samsung company analysis was written and submitted by user Yoda to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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My Body is My Own Business free essay sample

Naheed Mustafa’s is speaking to her sisters of Islam to pull away from western thought process of what is beautiful. She does this through using racially divisive hook, â€Å"I OFTEN wonder whether people see me as a radical, fundamentalist Muslim terrorist packing an AK-47 assault rifle inside my jean jacket†. Her tone is a sharp frustration of western culture. This literary style will most definitely attract people of her race and gender. â€Å"My Body is My Own Business† and â€Å"Chicken-Hips† discloses western cultures fallacies on what is beautiful. Naheed states that, â€Å"WOMEN are taught from early childhood that their worth is proportional to their attractiveness†. Catherine states, â€Å"I come from a culture in which it is almost unseemly for a woman to eat too heartily. It’s considered unattractive†. Both authors succeed in pointing out western cultures values on what is beautiful. Pigott’s write in a manner which is easier to digest for public reading. We will write a custom essay sample on My Body is My Own Business or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page If it were to be placed in a national newspaper it would printed on liberal and conservative papers. You feel you’re discovering what she is has learnt through her experiences in Africa. She does this my making her ironic state (being overweight but still under sized) delightfully humorous. Naheed’s essay if you were to place hers in a national newspaper it would only be print in a liberal paper. Her tone would be considered too brash for other racial groups. It was written not for the average person to understand. Her essay is more of a statement of, â€Å"who I am and I don’t care what you think of me†. She speaks in great detail how the hijab is a lightning rod for ridicule by others who are less enlighten. â€Å"I get the whole gamut of strange looks, stares, and covert glances†. However, it is her source of freedom to disengage from the physical values press upon women within western society. â€Å"My appearance is not subjected to public scrutiny, my beauty, or perhaps lack of it, has been removed from the realm of what can legitimately be discussed†. How I personally view this, she chose to carry a different cross of objectification for another. I see her hijab as a bunker from western values she bombarded with.